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What is free-fut-coins.com

free fut coinsThis website is a great tool for every Fifa 14 player out there. Our website is a creation of a team of 12 people that was working very hard for couple of months to get this website and it’s infrastructure to work. The main idea of this website is to give free fut coins for EA Sports Fifa 14 players. This system uses very similar algorithms to the real ones in EA servers so there are no danger of being banned or coins removed. Our website is available all over the world so everyone could enjoy playing Fifa ultimate team without spending real money on it. This website and it’s system is updated weekly to keep up with the real algorithms that are running on EA Sports servers so this website is always working and can give you free fut coins 24/7.


Fifa 14 ultimate team – What is it?

free fifa 14 coinsFifa 14 itself is a EA sports game that is released every year and the number after Fifa stands for which years game it is. Fifa 14 has many game modes including single match, seasons, online friendlies, carrier and Ultimate team. The most popular made is Ultimate team.free ultimate team coins This game mode is unique to Fifa and no other game has it. The goal of this game mode is to create your own football club, manage it and play games against other players. To buy players you have to have coins which you can get by playing matches, winning tournaments, trading players or buying them in exchange of real money. But usually it is hard to get coin that you need to buy that really good player that you want and buying coins for real money is not an option. So the is where we come in. Read more about Fifa 14 and Ultimate team HERE


What do we offer?fut coins free

  • Up to 1 million free fut coins
  • Delivery in under 24 hours
  • safe and easy to use
  • We don’t ask for your password or email
  • Works with PC, xbox 360, PS 3, xbox one and PS4
  • Is updated weekly and works 24/7
  • Ultimate team coins are real and won’t be removed after few days


How does it work?

fifa 14 coinsAs you know we give out free fut coins. The system is based on smart algorithms that as we mentioned works very similar to real Fifa 14 Ultimate team algorithms. When you enter your account name and select your platforms and coin amount you want we then generate a unique code that works like a gift code. Then this code is send To EA’s Fifa 14 ultimate team coins server where the coins is redeemed to your account. Because this method includes EA’s servers themselves there is n danger that our given free ultimate team coins will be removed from your account or you will be banned.  Because generating these codes requires a lot of resources and we are doing this for free there are limited amount of  accounts that we can add coins to. But this limit restarts every day so if you weren’t able to get free fut 14 coins, try to do it day after it. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us HERE


What do I do to get free ultimate team coins?

To get free fut coins simply click the button bellow. It will redirect you to page where you will be asked to enter your account name, select your platform and select the amount of free fut coins you want to get. Then click the Submit button and in under 24 hours your Fifa 14 ultimate team account will have free fut coins added. Some users will also get anti bot check to make sure you are real person, because there were several times that some people tried to use bots to take down our website.


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